Benefits and Advantages

A 3D architectural walk through animation or fly through of the building helps the designers and architects to see the minor flaws of the details which often to be overlooked easily and also helps the clients to get a full picture of the building, from the very top down to the very bottom.

Here is a list of the benefits that a 3D property-architectural walk through animation / fly through that can give to you apart from the one that was mentioned above:

#1 Flexible and adjustable

The design of building may be constantly updating during the process by the designer and architect, and hence, unlike the scale model, a 3D model is a computer generated building model and therefore is much easier to change comparing to a scale model.


#2 Cost and time saving

Having to change a half-finished or a completed scale model would cost the clients quite an amount of money due to the workload involved and at the same time, time consuming as well as the parts that have been updated will have to be remake again. A 3d model will have a great advantage over that as a computer generated building may be updated pretty easily and only requires a short amount of time thus may cost much lesser or not even a penny in term of the revision.


#3 Mobility and Maneuverability

A walk through of your overall building presented in video format is much easier to be carried around as compare to a scale model. It can also be transferred or shared online and reach out to thousand and millions of people worldwide.


#4 Ease of presentation

Carrying the scale model around may not be a very good idea, but it would be much easier to just carry a laptop or in terms of technology nowadays, an ipad and play the video with it.