Allow me to briefly guide you through our process in developing the animation walk through video:

Step 1 Gathering Materials

  • Client is require to send all the architectural and landscape ACAD drawings in order for us to build the 3D model of the building
  • Client is require to give a brief on the project and the intention walk-path that he/she has in mind (USP of the building, areas that are to be covered in the video, the order of the scenes and etc..)

Step 2 Presentation of the story board and a draft preview of the walk through

  • Client is require to comment on the proposed camera path
  • Architect is require to comment on the 3D model

Step 3 Presentation of the draft rendering for each scenes

  • Final confirmation on the building 3D model
  • Final confirmation on the camera paths
  • Confirmation on the landscape

Step 4 Final Rendering of the video

  • Added Video effects
  • Video color adjustment and frame editing
  • Confirmation on the landscape

Step 5 Completion of the video

  • Handing over the video to the client and job close